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"This roadmap has completely changed the way I look at personal branding and business." -Kelly Shepherd

Within one week of setting up her brand using this roadmap, Sara R. had over $1,000 in new sales and added over 60 people to her email list.

In just her first week, Tara T. had almost 50 people on her email list and sold three memberships!

In one month, Society Marketplace added 124 new email subscribers. Within 10 months their list grew to over 800!

#1 - Opt-In 

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#2 - Print Your Roadmap

You've hindered your progress long enough with negative self talk. Things are different now - you'll print out your Roadmap and get started with Phase 1.

#3 - Start Your Journey

Building an online presence and reputation takes time, effort, and patience. But that's OK - because you know where to start and what to do next!

Hi! I'm Kristin Korn

I'm an entrepreneur, creative, and certified business coach with more than two decades of experience working in the online digital space.

I'm passionate about all things related to brand strategy and lead generation.

From making your brand look totally badass to finding ways to automate your operations, I bring a unique vision and new framework to growing your online business.

I have a sweet spot for strong purpose-driven women who are ready to take up more space and STAND OUT in this noisy world we live in.


If you're tired of lazy and stale marketing tactics, overused sales captions, scattered thoughts, and self-limiting beliefs that are affecting your confidence - You're in the right spot!

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*This is the same roadmap used by CORE Brand Marketing Group!


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