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Build, Launch, and Scale A Profitable Digital Product Business In 5 Steps

Introducing a new, easy-to-follow roadmap that makes creating and selling digital products a breeze.

This step-by-step roadmap will have you up and running in no time - even if you're still searching for that perfect product idea.

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"This roadmap has completely changed the way I look at setting up my business." -Kelly Shepherd

Within one week of setting up her brand using this roadmap, Sara R. had over $1,000 in new sales and added over 60 people to her email list.

In just her first week, Tara T. had almost 50 people on her email list and sold three memberships!

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#3 - Start Your Journey

Building an online presence and reputation takes time, effort, and patience. But that's OK - because you know where to start and have a community to lean on.

Hi! I'm Kristin Korn

I'm an entrepreneur, creative, and certified business coach with more than two decades of experience working in the online digital space.

Over the past three years, I have successfully launched brands for more than 65 clients.

With all my experience, I have broken down this process into manageable steps to make starting your digital product or coaching business easy.

Say goodbye to overwhelming how-to courses and hello to bite-sized wins with my {FREE} Brand Building Roadmap.

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