How To Find The Perfect Market Fit For Your Product Idea

(without getting distracted by shiny objects)


No product idea yet? Then you'll love the BONUS included in this offer.

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The worst thing you can do right now is to skip over brand strategy and JUMP into marketing.


You can't run without direction.

This means...

Without the proper foundation in place, you'll chase shiny objects (going viral hacks, vanity followers, Tiktok growth strategies, scaling traffic ads), and your business will crumble. 


Leverage pages from my playbook to find brand clarity in just ONE HOUR so you can make better product and marketing decisions down the road. 


"My brain is in overdrive and I love it. After going through the Personal Branding Playbook lessons for my organizational business the whole niche focus Kristin teaches about is changing my brain. Great ideas are flowing in my head and giving me so many things I want to talk about in my posts."

-Daniele Mineck, Simplified Spaces


"I've learned so much more about myself through Kristin's CORE foundation method. I realized I was made to do MORE (and give more) of myself using other channels instead of having my MLM own my identity. I now have big plans to serve others with my past experiences."

- Jamie Soucy-Nenaber, SN Agency


"My biggest problem before purchasing the Personal Branding Playbook was pulling together and organizing all the thoughts I had swirling in my head and understanding who my ideal client was. This course helped me narrow down my ideal client (niche) and think through what value I could share. I finally felt like I had something solid to work with and build on."

- Wendy Freeman, Herbal Alchemy


Imagine having such a unique position in the marketplace that your brand immediately STANDS OUT and buyers become ATTRACTED to you.  


 This is what happens when you invest time upfront in your unique value proposition and learn about the ideal market that wants to pay you for your offer.


That’s what makes the first two phases of my 4-Phase Digital Branding Roadmap taught in the Personal Branding Playbook so unique.

I know the exact questions to ask you and the elements to complete now.

In a crowded market, you will confidently recognize the unique qualities and beliefs that set you apart.

By the end of this program, you will have…


  • Uncovered Your Superpower To Know What You Stand For

    Find purpose in your past and know how to use it to inspire others through your story and skills in your business.

  • Narrowed Your Focus On Who To Serve With Your Gifts

    Finally organize all your thoughts about who your ideal client is (and isn't) and come out of this course with a precise plan to serve & attract them.

  • Embraced And Highlighted Your Unique Qualities

    Finally have control over a business that serves your purpose and never be forced into a cookie-cutter mold again.

  • Clear And Consistent Messaging To Grow Trust

    Having a strong cohesive brand across all platforms allows your clients to trust (& recognize!) you. This eliminates all second guessing if you are the right solution for them.

  • Fulfilled An Unmet Market Need With Your Offer

    You were made for more and having a undeniably differentiated product in the marketplace is key to standing out among competition.

Ready to organize all those thoughts swirling in your head about what to do next?


Stop feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed. Inside this course you'll learn where to start and how to put a plan in action for your brand in ONE HOUR.

 (Personally tested this method with 64 marketing clients.)


Hi! I'm your instructor, Kristin


I'm an entrepreneur, creative, and certified business coach with more than two decades of experience working in the online digital space.

I'm passionate about all things related to brand strategy and lead generation.

From making your brand look totally badass to finding ways to automate your operations, I bring a unique vision and new framework to growing your online business by ATTRACTING the right clients to it.

I know what it feels like to be handcuffed to company rules, broken leadership, and a restrictive business model.

After eight years of chasing moving title targets and being told I couldn't venture into other income streams - I sold my direct sales business to start my own marketing company.

I understand the exhausting cycle you're living in. I also know you're made for more.

That's why I have a sweet spot for strong ass women who want to use their gift to serve others.

Those who are ready to take up more space and STAND OUT in this noisy world we live in.

If that's you - I welcome you aboard! Let's grow a business you (really) own and get to make the day-to-day decisions for.

1,106 Course Students • 64 Marketing Clients • 10,979 Email Subscribers

Real Clients Who've Branched Away From Direct Sales into a Purpose-Driven Business 

  • Daniele Mineck (skincare) started a home organizational business after numerous nudges from God
  • Jenny Taylor (health/wellness) started a business to teach women how to study the bible
  • Sondra Patton (skincare) launched an app-building company for team communication
  • Tara Tonsetic (health/wellness) started a podcast and wrote a book after experience in event planning and coaching
  • Kelly Shepherd (skincare) who after living abroad in Australia came back to the states to start a regenerative farming business
  • Jamie Soucy-Nenaber (skincare) established a life insurance agency to help people make financially sound decisions
  • Danielle Lea (health/wellness) created a spiritual life coaching business to help women move on and rebirth following a toxic relationship
  • Chelcee Brown (skincare) consults with busy sports moms on how to better manage their time and energy
  • Jennifer Ebelhar (clothing) expanded off her direct sales company and offers personal styling packages for women over 50
  • Kimberly McDonough (wine) purchased a condo property in Michigan and started a short-term rental business
  • Sara Reineke (skincare) established a life insurance agency to expand her coaching skills
  • Jennifer Burkhart (skincare) connects job seekers with established engineering and manufacturing companies now hiring thru her own recruiting business
  • Kristen Longacre (skincare) who after working through her son’s dietary issues launched her own holistic nutrition coaching business

How to Get Started Now


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Start the Course

Allocate an hour to go through the course. Access the course through your Roadmap Courses Library and dive into the first lesson! A workbook is also provided for you to print out and use. You will use the prompts, checklists, and Google Sheet provided as you go through all 7 video lessons.


A Plan to Follow

Upon finishing the 7 video lessons, you will possess a comprehensive Brand Marketing (Google) Sheet, equipped and primed to execute your brand strategy. You know exactly how to set yourself apart from competition to attract clients because you know why your brand is different. You'll know who you need to target in your messaging and how to speak to them to close sales quicker. Your next steps will be laid out for you as you move through the Digital Branding Roadmap.


The Personal Branding Playbook

Get crystal clear on exactly what you stand for so that the perfect clients start finding YOU!  

Above all - Cut down wasted time and money to kickstart your business idea so you can confidently scale later on.

Did I mention with this unique strategy you'll never have to beg friends and family to support your business or send another dreaded DM. :)

Here's what we will cover in 60 minutes 



Lesson 1

What Makes You, You?

(Valued at $997)

Uncover your unique strengths and skills so you never feel like a copycat again.

  • Understand who you are and what you stand for.
  • Put your unique stamp on this world.
  • Have a brand strategy that reflects your values and authentic self.
Lesson 2

Attracting Your Ideal Client

(Valued at $997)

Pinpoint who you are meant to serve so you never create stale content again.

  • Have a solid understanding of your client's needs and wants.
  • Fulfill unmet market needs by understanding your audience's immediate problems.
  • Assure your brand appeals to your ideal client.
Lesson 3

Defining Your Brand Voice

(Valued at $797)

Create a voice that is uniquely yours so you never sound like others in your industry.

  • Showcase your unique perspective and beliefs on your industry.
  • Build trust with authenticity and transparency.
  • Publish content that accurately reflects your values and personality.
Lesson 4

Brand Adjectives

(Valued at $397)

Define your brand personality and how you want your audience to perceive you.

  • Become instantly recognizable in your tone, language, and messaging.
  • Increase engagement by having a brand that feels approachable.
  • Emphasize you unique perspective to help you stand out from the crowd.
Lesson 5

Writing Your Niche Statement

(Valued at $997)

Craft a clear statement to attract more qualified leads and clients without confusing your audience.

  • Clearly define who you help and what transformation your provide.
  • Resonate with your ideal client to motivate them to take action.
  • Capture your audience's attention so you stand out from a sea of other creators.
Lesson 6

Brand Positioning Guide

(Valued at $697)

Set internal guidelines for your brand messaging to ensure all your communication is consistent. 

  • Maintain direction and purpose to create a successful offer launch.
  • Seize your niche in the marketplace.
  • Kickstart your planning and content marketing.

The Personal Branding Playbook Workbook

Includes 37 pages of thought-provoking questions, strategy templates, course cliff notes, and checklists!

*Plus* These 3 Bonuses to Quickstart Your Brand Strategy


Of course, I couldn't leave out the exact tools I use with my 1:1 clients to organize and laser in on their brand strategy! Here's what I'm throwing in...


Bonus 1

Brand Marketing Sheet

Keep track of your ideas and stay organized in one centralized location. Get access to all 16 tabs of the exact Brand Marketing Sheet I use with my clients.

(A $997 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Keep track of everything from your ideal customer to your marketing plan, and everything in between.

  • Google Sheets is user-friendly software that you can access easily, and it's very intuitive to use.
  • Instead of juggling multiple documents and loose files, you can keep all the essential information you need digitally in one place.
  • Plus, if you're working with a team, you can all access the same sheet, so everyone is on the same page with your brand strategy.
Bonus 2

Offer Idea Generator

How to come up with a digital product idea your niche audience will be begging to buy from you. 

(A $497 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Narrow down what it is that your audience wants to buy from you to turn it into a digital product.

  • Understand the two skillset offer types that you can make money with.
  • Know how to attract the efficiency mindset audience who wants to pay you for your knowledge.
  • Use these digital product ideas to create a full digital product funnel.
Bonus 3

(10) Client Brand Strategy Examples

Real-life business examples offer a wealth of valuable insights that can help you make informed decisions about your branding, marketing, and overall business strategy.

(A $197 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Creating a brand that speaks to your audience is no easy feat. But when you can get inspiration from what's worked in the past you can jumpstart your journey to success.

  • Blueprint for creating a strong brand strategy.
  • Discover innovative marketing techniques that might be useful for your own business.
  • Increase your chances of success by following the lead of what's worked for others.

Total Value of $6,573


In all honesty I've spent over $10,000 on branding and marketing courses to test and try dozens of methods... so you don't have to. 





Frequently Asked Questions


What my most successful students asked before joining The Personal Branding Playbook

Following the Digital Branding Roadmap, here are the course offerings for each phase. The Personal Branding Playbook is the first course in the lineup.

Sondra Patton

When I found Kristin Korn I was immediately impressed with her online footprint - website, social media, etc. - it was all beautifully done, informative, and straightforward. 

I was also intrigued that she had been part of the same network marketing company - and reached the top of the pay plan - but was now helping people build their own brands and businesses.

I love that Kristin understood my journey and just "got me."

Within a few months after going thru Personal Branding Playbook and 1:1 strategy sessions with Kristin - I had a brand, a digital course, and all the pieces I needed to grow and support that business.

My initial impressions of Kristin were spot on; she is genuinely a “unicorn” - a fantastic combination of visual designer, copywriter, marketer, techie, and online business strategist.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don't feel as the information you learn inside the 8 videos and 37 page workbook provided in the course were worth your investment - based on the clarity you generated over the first 14 days, show me you've put in the work, and I will refund your investment. Just signup and test me out. If I’m not your mentor, no harm, no foul, ask for a refund. But if you’re like my other students, this can literally be a new beginning for you as you nail your personal branding.

Enroll in The Personal Branding Playbook Today!

Maximize your potential to attract the RIGHT clients! Get crystal clear on what makes your brand (you!) unique so that it's easy for clients to find you and recognize why they need YOUR offer.

Cut down wasted time and money which means no more second guessing every move you make in your business.


This is the only place where you can lean on someone who understands where you've been and can help you get to where you want to go.

Use my unique and proven framework to have your entire brand strategy knocked out in one hour!


One-Time Payment of $197

What's Included:

  • Lesson 1: What Makes You, You?

  • Lesson 2: Attracting Your Ideal Client

  • Lesson 3: Defining Your Brand Voice

  • Lesson 4: Brand Adjectives

  • Lesson 5: Writing Your Niche Statement

  • Lesson 6: Brand Positioning Guide

  • The Personal Branding Playbook Workbook

  • BONUS: Brand Marketing Sheet

  • BONUS: Offer Idea Generator

  • BONUS: (10) Client Brand Strategy Examples

Total Value of $6,573

If "surely I can figure it out" isn't getting you anywhere... it's time to learn from someone who does this for a living!


It's OK to finally ask for help. In a matter of ONE HOUR you can have your entire business mapped out and leave this course with a clear head and plan of action in place. 

355+ students have completed this course = so yes, anybody can do it!



 How to know FOR SURE Personal Branding Playbook is for you:

  • You dream of starting your own side business or stepping away from direct sales. You have skills in areas but aren't sure how to pull all the pieces together to launch a legit business.
  •  If you've ever thought to yourself "I'm just not good at sales." Believe me, its not YOU it's simply an misalignment in your message and targeting.
  • You've been going at your business for awhile now without much marketing help. But lately - you just can't get over the hump to scale.
  •  You've joined a direct sales company but the way they approach selling feels a but... let's say "yuck" and you know there HAS TO be a better way.
  • You've recently took the plunge to branch off from your full time career to start your own thing. You've got a product/service idea but other than that you're now sure what to do first.
  • You own a profitable business but lately things are feeling stale. You need a bit of refocus to get back on track and rejuvenate your mojo!
  • You've switched gears in your business lately. Maybe with a new product, partnership, or company and need to find your new brand focus.