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AI Prompt Swipe File

How to write better prompts for AI to accelerate your brand development and content marketing.


You know that engaging and persuasive content is the best way to attract potential clients.

However, the problem is that coming up with fresh ideas day after day can be quite challenging.

This is where the AI Prompt Swipe File comes in!

I've created this living, breathing swipe file so you can save oodles of time testing prompts and making your way around your AI software.

Get in - get out and get what you need.

With the AI Prompt Swipe File, you can effortlessly come up with attention-grabbing headlines, compelling social media posts, emails, blogs, and persuasive sales copy. 

These prompts are the same ones I use daily inside CORE Brand Marketing Group.

What you'll get:

  • My all in one recipe that I use everytime I start with a keyword to write email/blog/social.

  •  Email Prompts

  •  Social Media Prompts

  •  Brand Strategy Prompts

  •  Blog Prompts


Includes lifetime updates for as long as the course is sold.