You've scrolled through your feed watching OTHER women level-up their business. Now it's YOUR turn!

How to take what you already love doing and start to mold those skills into a (more) profitable business in the next 40 minutes.

The business plan strategy I teach in this Audience + Offer Bundle is identical to the method I employ with my private clients.

Finally, understand your audience's needs and tailor your marketing efforts to meet those needs


✔️ What To Offer (Bundles, Pricing, Value Ladder)

✔️ Who Will Want It (Target Audience)

✔️ How To Position It (Find the Market Gap you can stand out in)


Normally: $297

Sale Price: $87

(or two payments of $47)

Tell Me What's Included

So here you are. Nervous as all get out to start or restart a business but you're here. So Bravo! 


Whether you pushed your chair back from the network marketing table or have decided to do more than your corporate gig... know that a more FULFILLING career is right around the corner.

And let this be a reminder that it's ok to not know what you are doing right now.

Business building from scratch isn't your wheelhouse so I get it.

But it's mine.

That's why I'm here.

After working privately with over 70 clients in the past three years I'm now helping DIYers like yourself get their business up and running without me doing it all for you.

This saves you a ton of money and allows me to help more people.

But there's something you should know about me.

I'm a GO-GETTER action taker.

I can't stand muddling in thought and wasting time.

I'd rather jump in and fail that sit on a strategy and look at it 10 different ways.

So you will get in this course, nail down your strategy and then move into action.

This means the Audience + Offer Bundle is a jam-packed 40 minutes that I guarantee will not only leaving you saying "Kristin, that was incredible!"

But you'll know what your business is going to look like, who you'll serve and how it will all go down!

Moreover, the cost of the course is a no-brainer investment under $100 - considering the tailored business coaching and community support available.. cough, cough...  features that are often absent or premium by other shiny business coaches.

This hybrid approach ensures you feel supported in your journey to become your own boss.

Just the way I like it.

Which means... you won't feel stuck in an overcrowded Facebook group feeling inadequate and taken advantage of.

Ok... now that we covered that... here's what other students are saying!

Michelle Chesser, At Home Baker

Jessica Dennis, Author & Entrepreneur

"With other courses I’ve taken I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of lessons and how long it took to get through them. I love how Kristin keeps things simple and breaks them up."

The Truth Is...

Starting a business is scary, but you've already taken the first step by acknowledging that you want something more.

That takes guts, my friend. And not everyone takes action on those nudges.


Inside my agency, I've worked privately with over 70 clients in the past three years who, just like you, had fears about getting started and what to do first.


But I never once promised them massive success and a ticket to early retirement.

What I did guarantee was they'd leap out of bed every morning eager to get to work because they were fulfilling their true purpose.

You see...

I've built and liquidated start ups, held a highly respected marketing career in the beverage industry, and earned a free Lexus with a six-figure network marketing salary, but nothing has filled my cup more than what I'm doing today...


Living out my purpose of helping women WIN with a business of their own.

Women who...

• Tap into their God given talents and skills to build a purpose-driven business

• Use their life experiences to set others up for success

• Aren't scared to get dirty and do the hard work to succeed

• Are eager to utilize their independent trait but at the same time respect following the lead of someone who's gone before them

I may or may not help you make a million dollars like other coaches claim - but I can guarantee your path to building a successful business has already been paved for you.

It's just up to you to stay in your lane and follow it.

What would happen if you could start earning MORE revenue quicker?


If you could increase conversion rates in the next week, would that change things for you?

kristin korn - how to start a small business

Developing a targeted marketing strategy is not just about who you're reaching but how you're communicating with them - speaking their language, addressing their pain points, and offering solutions tailored to their exact needs.

The Audience + Offer Bundle teaches you how to do all of these things.

Ensure every effort counts, every message hits home, and every campaign brings you closer to your goals.


A healthy business is built on purposeful action, not income goals or vanity metrics.


That's why each step of the Brand Building Roadmap is taught with efficacy in mind.

Get in - Get out - Take Action - Go Launch + Automate!

Simplifying the path to success means consuming bite-sized content along the way.

Snackable courses without too much wasted air in the bag is how I love to teach!

That’s why I don’t offer overblown and overwhelming courses that will take you three months to get thru - only to NOT launch any profitable offers in the end.

No one wins in that scenario.

I want your business up and running on automation within 4 weeks - not see your head stuck in a lesson workbook or lost scrolling inside a Facebook support group for the next 3 months.

I thought you'd like that :)

Whether you want to launch a coaching business, build out a digital product or course funnel, or create tangible goods you sell at markets or online - a successful business starts with a foundational brand strategy.

You've probably heard that having a great product isn't enough. And that first you need a solid brand strategy but...


• Do you feel frustrated that every business podcast preaches about finding a niche, but they fail to provide tangible steps on how to actually achieve it?

• When scrolling online platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera - do you feel the courses can be quite generic and often miss the mark for individual businesses as yours?

• Do you want feedback and help but feel free Facebook Groups can be a bit like the wild west - There's a ton of information to sift through and end up easily overwhelmed and more scattered?

• You've invested in a business coaching program in the past only to find out your $2k investment got you group coaching where the coaches "spoke over your head" and you left feeling inadequate and too much time wasted for not much to show for it.


If you are saying "HECK YES" while reading these questions, then it's time for you to join my business start up Audience + Offer Bundle. 

Let's get your brand strategy knocked out, so you can start creating your product and making money!




The Audience + Offer Bundle

How To Confidently Identify Your Target Audience And Come Up With Profitable Offers So You Can Start Making Money


Knock out the first step of the Brand Building Roadmap in this two-course Audience + Offer Bundle!

Once you identify your target audience and what problems they have, the next step is to come up with a profitable offer for them to buy from you!

Complete both these steps in under an hour as you work through Perfect Market Match and Offer Idea Generator.

(told you - I get you in and out and into action fast!)


After going thru Perfect Market Match and Offer Idea Generator you'll be able to:

  • Uncover your unique skills and talents so you know what to sell that will make your business feel worth it.
  • Stop shouting into a black hole guessing who your target audience is. Instead know exactly who your ideal customer is and how to speak their language.
  • Boost customer trust in your brand by understanding their foremost needs and desires.
  • Tailor your offers to solve the most pressing problems of your niche audience so you can have a profitable business right outta the gate.
  • Take on anything that comes your way. Make future business decisions with ease and confidence, which means less stress and more enjoyment in your biz.



What's Included...

How To Confidently Identify Your Target Audience In Under 20 Minutes... so you can create a product or service offer they are willing to buy!

Knowing your audience isn't just important, it's the secret ingredient to course creation success!

Attracting Your Ideal Client Video

Before you start creating a product, it’s important to know who your audience is and what they want. Otherwise, you’ll create a product you think they need that they don’t actually want to buy.

Researching Your Target Audience

How to pinpoint your ideal client's needs, desires, and pain points. It’s like having a magic crystal ball that tells you what your customers want before even they realize it.

Perfect Market Match 18-pg Workbook

It's the perfect sidekick, helping you turn the theory into practice and your ideas into reality—kind of like Robin to your Batman, but without the fancy gadgets and spandex suit.

BONUS TEMPLATE! Brand Marketing Sheet 

Keep track of your ideas and stay organized in one centralized location.


Writing A Niche Statement 

Quickly qualify people who come in contact with your brand.


Uncover your Unique Skills

It's like finding your superhero cape before you save the world.


The Perfect Market Match = $497 Value

What's Included...

How to Come Up With Profitable Offers To Increase the Amount A Customer Spends …in just 19 minutes! 

If all you're offering is one course, you're missing out on the chance to increase the amount a customer spends. But if you've got a variety of offers - different courses, additional resources, exclusive content, and premium options - your customer is going to be more tempted to splurge.

Tackling the Big Problems

Breaking up the big problem of your niche down into smaller, more manageable chunks makes it easier to solve. Not to mention, offering bite-sized solutions opens up opportunities for multiple products or courses.

Secret to Choosing Your Digital Product

It's about finding that one thing your audience needs to stay afloat. When you've got that, you're not just tossing them a lifebuoy, you're tossing them a custom-made, extra-comfy, ultimate survival ring. You're the hero that pulls them back aboard.

Validate Your Idea

Think of it as a sneak peek into your audience's minds. Let's be honest, nobody wants to spend time, effort, and resources creating a course that's more neglected than the gym membership in February, right? BONUS! Includes 18 Questions to Ask Your Niche to Validate Your Idea.


38 Digital Product Offer Ideas

Jumpstart your value ladder with a smorgasbord of options to serve up to your audience.


5 Fail-Proof Sales Funnel Examples

You can see what works, avoid common pitfalls, and tweak it to suit your needs.


Offer Idea Generator 14-pg Workbook

It's the perfect sidekick, helping you turn theory into practice and your ideas into reality.


Offer Idea Generator = $497 Value

The Audience + Offer Bundle has a Total Value of $994.

But you won't pay the regular price of $297 or even half of that.

RIGHT NOW for a limited time you can get both Perfect Market Match and Offer Idea Generator for ONLY $87 total.

Today's Sale Price = $87


Yes! ➡️ I Want All Of This For $87

Jennifer Burkhart, Employment Recruiter

"I've been attracted to Kristin's branding style for years so when she started offering courses I was the first to enroll! I love her teaching style and how authentic she is. Kristin has pushed me in so many ways to step outside of my comfort zone and every time it pays off. Her courses are always money well invested."

Kelly Shepherd, What The Farm Owner

"To be honest, I was completely overwhelmed with all of the business ideas and opportunities that I had in front of me after we bought our farm. Kristin has taught me how to create an income around storytelling, content, and funnels. I now realize that there are people out there who want to know how to become self-sustainable and I have the tools to support them."

Get the Audience + Offer Bundle for the low sale price of $87.

  • Attracting Your Ideal Client
  • Researching Your Target Audience
  • Perfect Market Match 18-pg Workbook
  • BONUS TEMPLATE! Brand Marketing Sheet 
  • BONUS TEMPLATE! Writing A Niche Statement
  • BONUS LESSON! Uncover your Unique Skills
  • Tackling the Big Problems
  • Secret to Choosing Your Digital Product
  • Validate Your Idea
  • BONUS LIST! 38 Digital Product Offer Ideas
  • BONUS FUNNELS! 5 Fail-Proof Sales Funnel Examples
  • BONUS WORKBOOK! Offer Idea Generator 14-pg Workbook

Total Value = $994

Regular Price = $297

Today's Sale Price = $87


Kimberly McDonough, Multi-Business Owner

"I love just how raw and real she is. What a refreshing change! Her audience + offer course bundle is perfect for those who do not have a marketing or business background."

Kristin Longacre, Holistic Nutrition Coach

"I was ready to take my business to a new level, and I was not getting anywhere with the brand I had attempted to do on my own. Kristin is fantastic! The courses helped me break down who my target audience is and why I’ve been struggling to connect with them."

Lindsey Purcell, Nutritionist

"This is exactly what my new nutrition company needed! I love how Kristin really breaks down the basics and I loved the downloads! I really feel like my brand is becoming so focused and stronger with each lesson as a strive to reach my niche client like Kristin teaches us how to do. Anyone who owns any type of business can benefit from this course bundle!"

How to Start a Small Business

Introducing a new, easy-to-follow roadmap that makes creating and selling offers a breeze.


Say goodbye to overwhelming how-to courses and hello to bite-sized wins.

Start monetizing your knowledge with a digital product or coaching business in just 5 simple steps! 

Breeze past STEP ONE of the Brand Building Roadmap with this Audience + Offer bundle.

Unlock the full potential of your knowledge and grab the exclusive Audience + Offer Bundle at an unbeatable price of just $87.


Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to start today for just $47 when you choose split payments!

  • Attracting Your Ideal Client
  • Researching Your Target Audience
  • Perfect Market Match 18-pg Workbook
  • BONUS TEMPLATE! Brand Marketing Sheet 
  • BONUS TEMPLATE! Writing A Niche Statement
  • BONUS LESSON! Uncover your Unique Skills
  • Tackling the Big Problems
  • Secret to Choosing Your Digital Product
  • Validate Your Idea
  • BONUS LIST! 38 Digital Product Offer Ideas
  • BONUS FUNNELS! 5 Fail-Proof Sales Funnel Examples
  • BONUS WORKBOOK! Offer Idea Generator 14-pg Workbook

Total Value = $994

Regular Price = $297

Today's Sale Price = $87

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